About Us

Hobbit Investment was established to broaden its portfolio in the Blockchain & Crypto industry. We look carefully into the history of each technology bubble in the past, then obtain remarkable insight into development progress. It shows us something similar is happening behind the exponential boost of Blockchain & Crypto incubation and financial growth. We can’t foretell that all unicorn companies will be built on Blockchain technology, but we are confident that the technology will sustain through time because of its inevitably denied values: Unhackable, Permissionless, and Transparency. Our core mission is to integrate effective advantages of the expertise in the blockchain and crypto field into your project’s methods of operations and development, making it adaptable and sustainable despite the rises and falls of the market.

Why Us

Upon collaborating with Hobbit Investment, our propitious partners will:

Work with wholehearted and passionate experts;


Receive objective and detailed project evaluations;


Receive full support from well-known accelerators and incubators;


Gain significant recognition from our massive communities;


Be a part of an international ecosystem.

Business Model

Idea Actualization

Idea Actualization

Prioritize innovative ideas by thoroughly providing mentorship and expertise in project management.

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio Diversification

Allocate our funding across various projects and financial instruments as an effective risk management strategy.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Build cost-effective and profitable marketing strategies in full measure.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming

Maximize Return on Capital by adopting several suitable strategies and leveraging various DeFi protocols

Launching Hub

Launching Hub

Provide access to our network of prominent partners for guaranteed successful ICOs.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Develop an investment advisory system to strengthen the financial status of our partners and to achieve long-term benefits.

Core Team

William Do

Ceo - Chairman
William takes the responsibility of expanding the financial scale and enhancing the international partner network to make Hobbit flourish and thrive on a worldwide scale. Thus, Hobbit Investment shall quickly seize project investment opportunities as well as provide adequate support in terms of development strategy to our partners.

Audrey Ngo

Partnership Leader
Having started her career as a Global Community Manager, she has worked on many renowned Blockchain-based projects. In addition, Audrey has shown great expertise in the area of communication, connecting partners, and handling networks of business associates. Audrey proves herself to be a fundamental member of Hobbit’s Core Team by effectively globalizing Hobbit Investment.


Duc Trinh (Grey)

Business Investment Advisor
Grey has accumulated 8 years of experience in the field of finance, technology,...under various “C level” positions such as CCO, CMO, CEO at corporations. With his professionalism and mastery in business development, Grey Trinh has always been the one to come up with solutions aiming for positive and successful changes in every project, contributing to consolidating profits for organizations, businesses, and brands.

Jennie Hoang Phuong

Marketing Communications Advisor
With more than 16 years of experience in consulting and implementing marketing-communication strategies for nearly 50 domestic and international multidisciplinary brands, Jennie proves her expertise in Marketing with a wide variety of outstanding achievements. Jennie takes the responsibility of building core missions and vision, determining brand values, building processes, and developing professional capacity for operation staff. Jennie's real-world experience in many companies and projects will ensure the sustainable development of partners when cooperating with Hobbit Investment.





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